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Gay Guide to Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our Chiang Mai Gay Guide by is the internet's premier and most up to date resource for the gay scene in the city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. The gay guide provides information for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender) visitors about gay nightlife, gay bars, clubs, pubs, and gay entertainment such as saunas and gay massage along with accommodation, hotels, guest houses and restaurants. The news pages will keep you up to date with all the latest happenings on the Chiangmai gay scene including events, new bars or other venues, articles and reviews.

About Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is Thailand's second largest city located 700km north of Bangkok. It is a historic city with the inner square mile of the old city surrounded by its ancient moat and some remnants of the original city walls and gates. The city is located to the west of the picturesque Ping River and in the shadow of Doi Suteph Mountain with its famous temple. Although Chiang Mai is situated on a wide plain, the surrounding areas are all mountainous and covered with jungle which extends up into Burma and Laos. The city has changed significantly in recent years, from a sleepy country town, to an emerging contemporary urban metropolis which attempts to balance modern architecture and lifestyles with ancient temples and traditions. Chiang Mai (Thai: เชียงใหม่) is also written in English as "Chiengmai" or "Chiangmai".

The combination of natural beauty, antiquities, and an easy relaxed lifestyle has made Chiang Mai an acclaimed tourist destination. The modest cost of living and excellent winter climate have also made it a popular place for foreigners to retire too. With few visible signs of the homophobic prejudice often found in the west Chiangmai has a large gay ex-pat population. Many who retire here have found companionship in younger Thai lovers or partners too.

Chiang Mai Gay scene

Like the city itself, Chiengmai’s gay scene is quite laid back and not at all like the hedonistic sex-tourist zones of Pattaya or Bangkok. Whilst a small commercial scene exists with go-go and host bars or massage shops, it is not in your face and caters as much for local residents as tourists. The gay scene for foreigners (often called Farang in Thailand) centres on outdoor bars, restaurants and cafes, whilst the Thai scene is more orientated towards a few big clubs and karaoke bars. Although there is plenty of gay life and fun in Chiang Mai, finding gay sex should not be the main reason for visiting. Come to Chiang Mai first and foremost because it's a unique city, and regard the gay life here as a bonus. You can read our more detailed overview of the scene in gay Chiang Mai here.

Please follow the site navigation tabs to find out more gay information or use the quick links below. If you came here looking for porn, gay sex information, or other sexually explicit material we're sorry to disapoint you, but please look elsewhere. Our galleries do include pictures of some very cute, hot and sexy Chiang Mai gay boys and some handsome muscular Tai Yai (Shan) guys, but without nudity.

Chiang Mai Gay Guide

Gay Bars, & Cafés

The social gay scene in Chiang Mai revolves around outdoor bars, cafés and Restaurants, with a mainly foreign/visitor clientele. Read More...

Gay Clubs & Disco

The Thai gay scene in Chiang Mai is centered on the big clubs and late night karaoke bars in the North West of the city. Read More...

Gay Accomodation

Chiang Mai is well appointed with some luxurious gay hotels and guest houses. There are also plenty of gay friendly places to stay too Read More...

Go-Go and Host bars

The Commercial gay scene in Chiang Mai is centered on three go-go bars and some karaoke bars with hosts/freelance guys in the north western Chang Puek area. Read More...

Gay Sauna and Spa

Chiang Mai has two gay saunas, both of which are situated in antique Lana style teak wood houses. Facilities include swimming pool and gym. Read More...

Gay massage for men

Gay male massage, or massage for men by men is a popular mainstay of the commercial gay scene with many massage shops around Chiangmai city. Read More...

Gay Businesses

Other gay businesses in Chiangmai include tour guides, travel agents, hairdressers, florists, wine shops, web designers, graphic and print design plus many more. Read More...

Chiang Mai Gay Map

Use our gay map of Chiang Mai to help you find all the gay places that Chiang Mai has to offer Read More...

Club one SevenRAM Bar
Secrets BarCommon Massage
Maya Club

Chiang Mai Gay News

Our Chiang Mai Gay News Pages give you all the gossip and news about everything gay, homosexual, queer, sexy, erotic or just plain fun in Gay Chiang Mai. The news site also includes an interactive events calendar for all the latest parties. If you have any gay news, or are opening new gay venues or holding special events please let us know and we’ll give it a mention (provided it’s legal). See the latest news headlines for Gay Chiang Mai below or visit

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