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Gay Guide to Chiang Mai - Downloads

The Radchada Café Quick Reference List of Gay Venues

We receive a lot of feedback from Chaing Mai's gay venues that visitors often arrive looking for the place with printouts from this website in hand. Unfortunately was designed as a web medium and whilst people are welcome to print from it's pages, they are not ideal for use travelling around Chaing Mai looking for places. To address this we have produced a single sheet summary which you can download and print out for ease of navigation around Chiang Mai.

The Radchada Café Quick Reference List of Gay Venues is provided as and adobe PDF file you can download and print to your requirements. It can be printed onto a single sheet of A4 sized paper then neatly folded to fit your pocket. A second page provides useful maps you may also wish to print

For each venue we give an indication of Venue type, address and phone number (In English. We also provide the address and directions in Thai which you can show to a Taxi or Tuk Tuk driver.

Latest version: IX November 2017 edition . Use of this download is subject to the Radchada Café Website Terms of Use

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Secrets Bar