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Guide To Chiang Mai Gay Scene

Chiang Mai Introduction

Chiang Mai is often referred to as the rose of the North, a tranquil city rich in history and culture. It is many people's favorite city in Thailand and Chiang Mai is a great city for gay people, with many openly gay Thais living happily in a uniquely relaxed, friendly and cultural environment surrounded by peaceful mountains and jungle landscapes. It is also home to a large ex-pat community of mainly retirees from all around the world, a high percentage of whom are gay. Chiangmai is a popular tourist destination too, particularly in the winter when the dry warm climate makes Chieng Mai a veritable paradise for several months.

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Cute Tai Yai boys with muscular bodies - Gay guide to Chiang mai
Chiang Mai Gay Boys

Thai Gay Scene

The "gay scene" in Chiang Mai, for most Thais, barely exists in the western context. For Thai people, gay is more normal; there is less need for specific "gay bars". Thai gays happily go out with their friends, gay, straight, male, female or transgender (ladyboys or katoey) to places all over town. Though there are some favourite late night haunts , such as the the established large mixed discos and show clubs like, Warm up, Tawan Deang, Mandalay and Infinity.

RAM BarSecrets Bar
Club one SevenCommon Massage
Maya Club

Gay Scene for Foreigners

An almost separate gay scene has grown up to cater for foreigners. This social scene revolves around a few bars and restaurants where gay foreigners meet up to socialise at the bar or enjoy dinner. It is very laid back; many of the venues are small relaxing local style bars, often outdoors and great for meeting people. But, Chiang Mai has a quite large concentration of hot, sexy young gay Thais, many of whom come here to study and are keen to meet foreigners.

Commercial Gay Scene

The commercial gay sex scene in Chiang Mai is smaller than hedonistic cities like Bangkok or Pattaya. It is dominated by numerous "boy massage" shops, but also boasts three Go-Go bars (better described as host bars with shows - with a lot of nudity), and some late night Karaoke bars with hosts. These places are more Thai orientated than elsewhere, but there is still plenty of fun to be had. A couple of tourist bars have freelance hustlers too.

Gay areas of Chiang Mai

The gay venues are spread out geographically; the map below gives an overview of the city and different areas.

map showing main gay areas for Gay guide to Chiang mai
Chiang Mai Gay area map - where to find gay venues

Tourist Area - Gay Soi 6

The main tourist areas are around Thapae Gate and the Night Bazaar  which is packed with hotels, guesthouses, bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and travel/tour shops catering for tourists. In the last two years a new gay soi (soi means lane or side street in Thai) has emerged near the Night Bazaar at Chareon Prathet Soi 6 which is now home to several lively gay bars.

A few years ago the Night Bazaar around Thapae soi 1 was a thriving hub of gay life with more than fifteen small outdoor beer bars which attracted many visitors to stay in the hotels there. Over time this area died completely, but now gay Soi 6 has reinstated the Night Bazaar area as the main centre of gay nightlife in Chiang Mai

Chang Pueak

The Chang Phuek  area to the north of the city is where all of the go-go bars and the karaoke bars are located, as well as several gay accommodation  options.


Nimmanahaeminda Road and its many side streets is Chiang Mai's trendy neighbourhood, packed with many chic cafés, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and luxury apartments. Whilst there are no specifically gay venues here, it is a cosmopolitan area where gay people can feel comfortable anywhere. It is also home to several big clubs which, although mixed, attract many gay customers.

General information

The gay scene in Chiang Mai is always changing and information on the internet is often out of date so, to help gay visitors, we have included an up to date guide to most of the gay venues in Chiang Mai. We do our best to update it regularly. But, if you know of any new venues, or information that is incorrect, please let us know.  Please follow the links in the side menu to different categories of venue or service.  Enjoy Gay Chiang Mai!

Chiang Mai still has many small quaint narrow streets or Sois and many gay places can be hard to find so we also provide maps to make navigation easier. The Radchada Gay Guide to Chiangmai includes a fully interactive Gay Map showing the location of all key venues Click here to view. (courtesy of Google Maps, which includes Street View for Chiengmai) Many of the venues listed in our guide also have individual pop up location maps.

Visit our Downloads Page to download our quick reference list with venue addresses in Thai you can show to your driver. We also provide an A-Z Listing of Chiang Mai's venues (including places that have closed), so you can easily find the details if you know the name.

Those Tai Yai Boys

Something which differentiates Chiang Mai's commercial scene, from other cities like Bangkok and Pattaya, is that many of the male sex workers here are not Thai but come either from Burma or the various hill tribe ethnicities of Northern Thailand. Chiang Mai is close to the border with Myanmar and many of the guys here are of Burmese origin, often ethnic Shan, or Tai Yai refugees from the Shan State. This gives a fine choice between the classically beautiful Northern Thai boys, and the slightly more masculine and muscular looking Shan. Many of the handsome young men you will meet in Chiangmai's host bars are Shan.

Shan or Tai Yai boys Gay Chiang Mai attraction
The Shan or Tai Yai boys are one of Gay Chiang Mai's biggest attractions for foreigners

Important warning and advice

Stop child Sex offenders. Pedophiles are not welcome in Chiang Mai

Please remember:

It is a crime for foreigners to have sex with someone under 18 in Thailand

upon returning home child sex offenders can be prosecuted under extraterritorial laws

Thailand is well known for its commercial sex workers, both male and female. For years this has been a major lure for many visitors. Whilst there are many who have strong opinions on the moral aspects of Thailand’s sex industry one cannot deny its existence and, rightly or wrongly, it forms a significant part of the gay entertainment and nightlife. The aim of this website is to provide useful information about all aspects of gay life in Chiang Mai, so that our readers can make informed choices about where they go and what they do here. This does not imply we condone the sex industry; equally we seek not to pass judgement on those involved in it. See this website’s terms and conditions of use for more information

Please be aware that prostitution is illegal in Thailand in accordance with the Prevention and Suppression of Prostitution Act, B.E. 2539 (1996) This article is for information purposes only, it is not an incitement to commit illegal acts and readers are responsible for their own actions. Please refer to the terms and conditions of use for this website. Please also note that, in Thailand, the penalties for foreigners having sex with someone under the age of eighteen are severe.

Secrets BarMaya Club
Club one SevenRAM Bar
Common Massage